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5 Weird But Mind Blowing Facts To Know About LOTTO


There are many fun and amazing things happens with the winner of the Lotto game. The people who have been playing Lottery games for a long time have gone through a similar experience as well. There are also some bizarre trends followed by the winners of the lotto games. As who don’t want to have a bit of fun when they are winning a huge amount in prize money. If you would also like to experience such things in your life. Then you should click here (Klick hier) to have such amazing things happens in your own life.

Here are shown some of the weirdest but mind-blowing facts about the lottery gaming.

The Jackpot winner is….a Panda!!

It is amusing but true, as you can also see the winners of the Lotto dressed in the stuffed costumes of animals. They don’t want to show their real identities in front of the media. One of the lottery winners in China has worn the stuffed costume of a panda in the winning ceremony.


Lightning of Jackpot can strike again and again

There are some lotto winners who have experienced the taste of winning again and again in their life. As there are also some people those who have won the jackpot for 2 or 3 times in their lifetime. If you are also one of them who have got great luck on the side, then you can also be the jackpot winner again and again.

Politeness can make you lose sometimes

It is the well-known history in the lottery gaming when an 84 years old lady has bagged a world record of $590 million in the power ball lottery. While the other lady behind her has given her space to cut in the line, as she lost a chance of being millionaire because of her politeness.

Fortune cookies

Many of the winners of the lottery games already know that they are going to be a winner of a jackpot. Don’t know about their secret? It is just a fortune cookie. If you also want to be a winner then get a fortune cookie which shows that you will be going to win a jackpot in the lotto game.

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Brilliant use of fines!

In Sweden, the fines collected for the over-speeding charges are submitted as the lottery funds. While it pays out to a random person who has a clean driving record.

These are some of the weirdest facts of the lotto games and the lotto winners that could make you feel amazed.

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