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Home Poker Game Etiquette & Rules


There are some standards and rules to follow in the different aspects of life. The same goes with the gambling. There are some etiquettes that should be followed while playing different gambling games like poker. There are various online sites like 389poker available to enjoy online poker games to the fullest.

But I remember a lot of stuff that I had read about the etiquettes to follow while playing poker games at home. That even includes minute details like from playing games to hosting the gathering of people in our house. That’s why I have a number of advice and tips to share with all of you guys. I have mentioned the tips below. So let’s take a look at them.

Do not be a slob with your drinks

If you have visited someone’s house to play online poker together then you must keep your eyes on your drinks especially when you are sitting at the table. If drink get fall out on the table mistakenly then clear it on that moment with the napkin or paper towel. It happens with many people that during home get-together parties they get so drunk that unfortunately fall out their drink quite often on the table. It looks quite untidy and makes people think you as a couch potato. That is not a very nice thing.

Don’t cheat and don’t lie


It is a fact that lying to a certain level is acceptable in the poker game. For example, when you represent your hand wrongly while gaming. That’s okay to do so because it is involved in the nature of the game. But cheating and lying are not acceptable and quite offensive in the poker game. Cheating in poker does not go with the essence of the game. You can even lose your friends and get yourself in a trouble with your friends. The worst situation that may arise by cheating in poker games if you will get caught is that you will never be invited into home poker games again.

Keep your cards face-up and not try to hide them

It is true that not all poker games involve facing-up of cards. But this thing allowed in few poker games and that’s why players have to keep their cards faced-up. At that you have to be polite and don’t try to hide them. Because that looks quite unethical and cheap.

These are some of the top etiquettes to follow while playing poker games at home.

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